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oh hayyyyyyy bwian bwoyle posting in Twitwarts
User: sopdetly
Date: 2008-03-03 20:50
Subject: Welcome to Twitwarts!
Security: Public
Tags:!info post
Twitwarts is a Twitter-based RPG for Harry Potter. It's small and quick and casual and probably will be pretty cracky.

What is Twitter? It's kinda like a mini-blog. Officially, you get 140 characters to announce What You're Doing Right Now. It tends to evolve into a way to post quick links, get friends' attention, and hold conversations in a chat-like environment.

There are numerous methods of posting updates, the main one being via cell with text/SMS (standard rates apply). If you don't want to pay to RPG, or if you already have your cell connected to a personal Twitter account, you can also use GTalk/Livejournal Chat/Jabber to IM updates, post directly from the Twitter site, or download a 3rd party posting client.

I thought it would be fun to see characters updating on their lives, posting back and forth, all with a post limit of 140 characters. I think it'll be tougher than it sounds, and that excites me.

Basic rules:

-- All game play via Twitter, with one exception.
-- Text messaging is not required, posting from web/IM/a 3rd party Twitter client is totally fine.
-- You are highly encouraged to make your posts protected, but that's not required.
-- The exception is pr0n, as those threads tend not to lend themselves well to 140-character limits. But you can pr0n it up here in the comm.

-- There is no official plot; players can create their own story threads or just post aimlessly.
-- All eras of characters are ok, and everyone is considered alive.
-- Canon should be acknowledged, though not necessarily followed. Your characters have read the books, even if they don't like what they read.

-- Posting should be a minimum of once/day, 5 days/week.
-- However, this won't be a strict requirement unless we never hear from you. I don't think it'll be a problem for anyone to meet if they really want to play.

-- One character per player, due to the chat-like speed that can happen in Twitter convos, leaving no time to switch back and forth.

-- This LJ comm is a backstage area to plan plots, collect contact info & twitter usernames, let people know you’ll be out, all the basic OOC stuff.
-- And also the pr0n, yes.
-- There will be NO OOC posting at Twitter.

How to join:

Because this is so casual, I really don't want to deal with applications. So there isn't one. Of course, I also want to keep a certain standard of play going. So the only requirement here is that you have someone already in the game vouch for you. Characaters are first-come first-served.

Just have your friend contact me (or if you know me just contact me yourself) to put your name down for a particular character. You'll get instructions on joining once you're accepted.

Feel free to leave any questions below in the comments.
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